Instructions for filtering half mask TFM33

Instructions rev 2 | 2021-07-07TFM33 suodattava puolinaamari

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  • The protection efficiency level FFP2 NR
  • Declaration of Conformity at:
    • Notified body involved in the conformity assessment module B: APAVE SUDEUROPE SAS, NB 0082, FR-13322
    • Notified body involved in the conformity assessment module C2: SGS FIMKO OY, NB 0598, Takomotie 8, 00380 HELSINKI, Finland

The intended use and its’ limitations

  • The product is a filtering half mask to protect against particles.
  • The product fulfills the EN 149:2001 + A1:2009 and PPE regulation EU 2016/425 requirements.
  • Ensure that the protection
    • is suitable for the current task,
    • is worn correctly,
    • is used during the entire workphase and
    • is exchanged to a new one after removal or at the latest, after one work shift.
  • Change protection to a new one also if it is damaged during use.
  • The mask does not protect from:
    • gas or vapour,
    • lack of oxygen (minimum oxygen level concentration 19.5 %),
    • too high concentration of oxygen,
    • in occasions, where the contaminant or the risk caused by them is unknown,
    • if user can not make it fit on face properly.
  • Do not use mask if you have a beard or other facial hair, which can diminish the fit of mask on face and thus weaken the protection factor remarkably.
  • Exit from location of use to a safe area immediately, if:
    • your breathing becomes more difficult,
    • you feel vertigo or exhaustion.
  • Do not use the mask in areas with danger of explosion.
  • The mask or its’ material is not known to use irritation or harm to its’ user.
  • The user of the mask is to be guided to putting on the mask, making sure the fit is correct, taking of the mask and disposing the mask before the first use.
    • The proper use of mask in all phases of usage is important.
    • If the directions are not obeyed, the user of mask can be exposed to health risk which the mask should protect against.

Inspection before use

1. Wash or disinfect hands before touching the mask. 

    • Inspect the package of the mask is undamaged, the mask has all the parts that it’s supposed to have such as the filter itself, the straps and earloop adjustment clips and that they are intact.
    • Inspect the last date of storage and do not use mask if it’s expired. If the check prior to use are not satisfactory do not use the mask.

      Säätöklipsien ohje

Wearing and trying on the mask and ensuring fit

  • Before wearing the mask, install and adjust the mask adjustment clips as in pictures above, 2 pcs, 1 for each earloop.
  • Make sure the earloop is caught on the barbed part as in the middle picture, to prevent it from slipping.
  • The noseclip might have a sharp angle, so soften the angle by opening the noseclip flat and then it’s easier to shape it for tight fit.

Käyttöohjeet suodattava puolinaamari | Instructions for filtering half mask

2. Wear the mask by setting the earloops behind your ears.
3. Mold the noseclip to fit your face and proceed to seal test.

Seal check

4. Ensure the mask has correct fit on face before starting the actual task.

    • Cover the outer surface of the mask lightly with hands, breathe hard out.
    • If the air seems flow from under the mask, adjust nose clip and the position of mask until you feel the mask is tight.
    • If you are not able to fit the mask on face, do not enter a dangerous area.
    • If you use other protection equipment with this filtering half mask, ensure tightness after you have put on all the protection equipment that might interfere this mask.
    • Ensure the filtering half mask does not diminish the protection by other protection equipment.

Usage and taking off and disposing of mask

  • Use mask continuously.
    • Do not touch outer surface of mask during use.
    • Do not remove mask temporarily during use.
    • Change to a new mask if you have to remove it from face or the mask is damaged.
    • Use mask continuously on maximum the duration one shift.
  • Before removing the mask wash or disinfect hands.
  • Remove the mask without touching the outer surface of the mask. Lift it off from face for example by grabbing it from the sides.
    5. Place used mask according to the standard of the workplace either in a plastic bag and close the bag or in a trash bin intended for this use.
    6. In the end wash or disinfect hands. 

Maintenance, cleanup and disinfection

  • The mask is intended for single use.


  • Store the masks in a dry space which temperature is between  -5…+40 °C, the relative humidity under 65 %.
  • Storaging time 5 years from manufacturing date.

Explanation of pictograms in the packaging

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