Teho Filter Oy

Teho Filter Oy produces cost-effective filter solutions for industry and aftermarket. We provide the best solutions for each case according to customer needs. Our products are used by many leading OEM´s worldwide. Our most important cornerstone is a high quality covering all of our operation.

We serve comprehesively. Our solutions include everything from design to manufacturing and just on time delivery according to customer needs. We are a reliable, co-operative and environmentally aware partner with the experience since 1963.


Teho Filter Oy´s operations are based on high quality and continuous development. Making quality products starts from materials and it goes all the way till the just on time delivery. We use only the best raw materials making the products in modern facilities with the help of flexible and efficient LEAN-technology. As a result, customer gets high-quality solutions cost-effectively with savings.

Our success is made real by experienced, professional and motivated personnel. In R&D and testing we co-operate intensively with testing laboratories and technical universities. Overall service is a crown of our services giving customer the flexibility and reliability in lead times. This is secured by modern and effective factory, know how and state of the art ERP. As a result we have a long-term and seamless co-operation saving customers time for their core business.

Our vision is to be one of the leading filter manufacturers in the north, holding the position even in the hard competition. Together with our partners we make sure to provide the best solutions environmentally when it comes to raw materials, production and final product.


High quality and continuous imrovement are the most important cornerstones in our operation. It covers both products and operation. Our products fullfill the tightest international standards and customer demands. Our quality system is audited and certified by De Norske Veritas. Teho Filer Oy has both ISO9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 quality certificates.

Our high quality services improves effectiveness and reliability of customer operations. This way the customer always has the best solutions for each case. As a result we´ll find a highlevel cost effectiveness.


Together with our suppliers and customers we want to make sure that our operation goes with the principles of natural values and sustainable develompent. As an evidence, Teho Filter Oy holds an ISO 14001:2015 environmental certificate.

In practise, we have organized recycling of both paper and cardboard as well as energy- and water consumption. In product- and production planning we take care of recycling materials. We choose as environmental friendly materials as possible. Production logistics is organized in environmentally optimal way. We are precise when selecting suppliers. We expect their commitment to natural values and environmental certificates that they follow. We let everybody know about our environmental certificate and we encourage them to reduce their carbon footprint. With the right attitude and choices its possible.


Teho Filter Oy has a long and succesfull career as one of the biggest filter manufacturers in the region of Northern countries. The company is established in the year 1963, in North-Ostrobothnia, Sievi. This is the place where the modern facilities still are. In the beginning the company focused on vehicle filters. Production covered filters for cars, heavy duty- and machines including air-, oil- and fuel filters. Later there were also cabin filters. Later when the company was bigger, it started to export products to other northern countries and Europe.

Decades of successfull business in vehicle industry has focused today on demanding customer applications and hydraulic-/ industrial filters mainly for OEM´s- and Original spare parts business.