Teho Filter Oy bases its operations on high quality and continuous development in all
our activities.

We only use the best available raw materials, manufacturing our products in modern
facilities applying Lean Technology efficiencies to give us the flexibility required to
meet the varying needs of our customers. This results in high quality products that
are both cost efficient and deliver savings for the customer.

In addition to the modern research and development unit in our factory, we
collaborate closely with testing institutes and technical universities.

Our comprehensive range of services is complemented by our delivery service, which
provides the customer with flexible and reliable delivery times. Reliability is
guaranteed by our modern production facilities, our knowledgeable staff and our high
quality production control system.

The result is long-term seamless cooperation complemented by a comprehensive
service offering freeing valuable customer resources for other tasks.

Our vision is to be the leading filter manufacturer in the Nordic Countries maintaining
that position even in a fiercely competitive environment. Together with our
cooperation partners we ensure that we can offer the best possible solutions while
also considering environment, with regard to raw materials, production and the final